Can’t Find Physical Gold And Silver to Buy?

Buy Physical Gold And Silver Here – With Storage

Buy Physical Gold & Silver Here

Every time the price of Gold and Silver get their clock cleaned, we all want to buy at low prices so we profit more, right? You make money when you BUY not when you sell.

But due to the limited inventories of physical Gold and Silver available at any one time, only the first people to buy, usually before the bottom in price is put in, get their hands on the actual physical metal.

The next group of buyers MIGHT get to buy at the low prices with promises of delivery 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks out.

After that comes the inevitable doubling of premiums (or more) that means you can no longer buy phyisical Gold or Silver anywhere near the low prices quoted on the spot market; which, by the way, the big boys cannot get delivery out of the COMEX (CRIMEX) warehouse either but are FORCED to settle for CASH.

Alternative Place To Buy Physical Gold and Silver

Here is the thing. If you do succeed in buying physical Gold or Silver, you have to find someplace safe to store it. In your home? Hope you weren’t followed home from the coin shop, and have a sharp shovel to bury that PVC pipe; otherwise known as midnight gardening.

BullionVault is not only the cheapest place to store Gold and Silver but you can buy physical Gold and Silver at competitive prices near spot; can trade pretty much 24/7 and can even use limit orders.

Then, instead of paying for shipping/insurance (even if included, you still pay), the metal is stored safely & securely – offshore if you prefer – at very reasonable rates and you can sleep well at night instead of with one eye open and one hand on your .357 (with the 12 guage nearby).

Take advantage of the low prices of Gold and Silver that the powers-that-be have provided for us and get your share. If you really want physical then buy (hedge) at BullionVault now then when inventories, premiums and delivery dates return to normal you can cut a deal on physical for your home safe or your backyard and sell the position at BullionVault to pay for it.

Just an idea.

Get a free account at BullionVault right now (maybe even some free Silver)

Note: Texas Precious Metals today sold 15,000 Silver Eagles in 4 minutes at a premium of $5 per coin over spot in Monster Box quantities only.