Another Horror Story Of Storing Gold At Home

Don’t Rely On Police To Get Your Gold Back

Vermont State Police say more than $200,000 in gold coins were stolen from a vacant home after its eccentric owner died in a farm accident last year.

[OK, this guy probably had no relatives?]

[Even if he had a good home safe, these guys had PLENTY of time to deal with that]

Authorities say four suspects also stole a vehicle, antiques and other items from the home in Alburgh in the months after its owner’s death.

[Where is the county estate settler?]

Thirty-five-year-old Ricky Benjamin and 52-year-old Mark Mumley, both of Alburgh, and 41-year-old Shawn Farrell, of Swanton, were arraigned and held on $75,000 bail. A fourth suspect was released after being issued a citation.

[Thankfully these idiots were caught]

Police said Thursday the defendants sold coins ranging in value from $350 to $1,800 to coin and jewelry dealers in another county. They allegedly claimed they’d inherited the coins.

[Well, they did, sort of. No one else showed up to claim the old man’s goods]

Investigators say they’ve recovered $5,000 in coins so far. More arrests are expected

[I calculate that as 2.5% recovered so far]

Lessons For Storing Gold At Home

  • High quality home safe, just in case they don’t have MONTHS to steal it
  • Tell the person you want to have it when you die so THEY find it and no one else
  • Understand the risks when storing gold at home
  • Don’t expect the police to get your gold back

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