BullionVault Lets You Buy Gold & Silver At London Fix Price

Less Stressful Buying Gold & Silver

bullionvault lets you buy gold and silver at london daily fix price
Buy & Store Gold, Silver at London Fix

It can be stressful buying Gold & Silver while watching a live price feed or constantly updating the chart price at Kitco or some other website. Often the fireworks can start around Noon Eastern Time – either up, down or BOTH!

If you are not trying to trade Gold or Silver short term, this can be frustrating. Everyone hates to buy something and then see the price plummet within minutes.

Conversely, you kick yourself silly if you hold off for a pullback that never comes.

Buy Gold/Silver At London Fix

While buying Gold or Silver at the London Fix price is not the guaranteed best price, it at least takes some of the stress out of the equation for you.

BullionVault now allows you to buy Gold or Silver at the London Fix price simply by specifying which vault (Zurich, London, Singapore, Toronto) you would like the bullion stored in and how many dollars worth you wish to purchase. (You can also buy in Pounds or Euro but there is a 3% currency conversion fee; sort of ironic that buying in British Pounds at the London Fix is not the cheapest method!)

bullionvault london fix price buying of gold and silver

BullionVault has been our #1 pick for online Gold accounts for many years now and we feel was instrumental in getting GoldMoney to lower fees.

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