Buy Gold And Silver With Real Time Prices

How To Invest In Gold Like A Pro?

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Using real-time charts to time your gold and silver trades perfectly

Are you interested in investing in Gold and/or Silver? While you probably do not want to “trade” per se (or maybe you do), we live in an age of information so no sense being in the dark, at a disadvantage compared to others; that will cost you…

One problem with trading gold on-line is getting up-to-date pricing. This is particularly difficult for private individuals who rarely have access to live price feeds.

BullionVault charts resolve the problem. They use server-push – an advanced internet technique which gets market prices to you fast. So you can trade like the professionals do.

Unlike almost all the traditional internet – which use ‘client pull’ – you get the price changes within a tenth to a quarter of a second of them actually happening. The prices go straight into BullionVault real-time charts, so you can see visually what is going on.

Sounds good, but what benefit is that to you and me?

Practical use of BullionVault charts

Let’s get one running. You do not need to log in.

  1. Click here for a BullionVault Chart
  2. Size the window, choose your currency and style. Choose a period – let’s try 1 day.
  3. Now, promote the service to real-time. Click the chart menu option for Real-time, and Start session.

You will see a line come across your chart, and every time there’s a price change it is sent immediately to you too, shifting the line up and down.

This is the fastest freely available gold price service anywhere on the internet.

  1. Now log in to your BullionVault account and get ready to trade. Prepare your order, get everything right and hold at the point of confirming – i.e. just before you press CONFIRM.
  2. Bring your chart to the foreground where you can watch it carefully, and hover your mouse over the confirm button in your order panel. Now you can send your order at exactly the instant that the gold price is where you want it to be.

After a while your real-time session expires and the horizontal line disappears. But if you’re still watching you can just start another one.

I hope this is useful information to help you to make an efficient and profitable use of your BullionVault account. We do not necessarily advocate “trading” Gold & Silver unless you are fully informed of all the ramifications and risks.

Yet, since BullionVault allows limit orders then why not get a little better price on your Gold and Silver when you buy or sell metal?

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