Is Your Wealth In Fiat Currency Or Gold & Silver That Will Be Considered Treasure?

Gold & Silver Are Real Money – Even 300 Years Later

Will Anyone Dive For A Ship Full of US$100 Bills in 300 Years?

We have talked on several of our recent interviews with our guests about how typical Americans own no physical Gold or Silver but yet they go nuts for news stories when buried treasure or sunken treasure turns up.

Two weeks ago it was 300 year old treasure of Gold & Silver off the coast of Florida. Today it’s a story off Cape Cod of a pirate ship wreck only 2 years newer than the hurricane thrashed Spanish fleet of 1715.

This wreck happened in 1717 and includes what they expect to be 400,000 gold coins.

The story in the Daily Mail shows pictures worth the trip. It takes X-rays due to the “concretion” of time in the sea but they have found and old flintlock pistol and other valuable artifacts.

You don’t have to be a Johnny Depp fan to love a good pirate story, do you?

Gold & Silver Hold Their Value Over The Long Term

These treasure hunts reinforce that Gold & Silver are real money that are capable of being a store of wealth. Considering that the U.S. Dollar has lost over 90% of its value in less than 100 years, how does that compare to Gold & Silver?

Yet the average American owns none!

That can only be naivete and brainwashing. Most of the rest of the world clearly understands the need to buy and store Gold and Silver for wealth preservation and maybe even wealth portability.

No need to lecture the Indians (not American…), the Vietnamese, the Chinese, Russians – they all get it. Even the Chinese GOVERNMENT encourages Gold ownership among its people, exactly the OPPOSITE of Uncle Sam who once outlawed ownership of Gold and hires puppets to decry its value every chance they get.


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