GoldMoney Lowers Storage Fees, Adds Fully Allocated Gold Bars

Lower Minimum Gold Storage Fees Help Small Investors

GoldMoney, perhaps in response to BullionVault recently lowering fees, has just announced a reduction in their storage and exchange fees, as well as new bar registration, storage and delivery options.


From 1 April 2013 we will be reducing our storage fees on gold stored at all VIA MAT vaults by a third to 0.12% per annum, and halving the cost of storing silver with VIA MAT Switzerland to bring it in line with our silver storage fees at other vault locations: 0.49% per annum as the standard fee and 0.39% per annum for more than 50,000 ounces of silver.

In addition, our minimum storage fee will be reduced to only

0.001 grams per month for gold, platinum and palladium, and

0.001 ounces per month for silver.

Later in April 2013 we will also be simplifying and reducing our metal-to-metal exchange fees.


Due to strong demand for storage and delivery of individual small bars, in April 2013 we will start offering registered ownership of 1 kilogram (1,000 gram) and 100-gram gold bars as well as 1 kilo silver bars stored with VIA MAT Switzerland. Once registered you will be able to request delivery of your bars at any time.

Storage fees for these small bars will be the same as for the existing large bars – making our storage fees among the lowest in the market for 1 kilo and 100 gram gold bars and 1 kilo silver bars.

Simply buy gold or silver with us at VIA MAT Switzerland or use your existing metal balance there to take ownership of allocated whole bars, sourced from LBMA-approved refiners.

All bars will be new production in mint condition.

These new minimum storage fees for your offshore gold and silver REALLY benefit the small investor. Previously, the minimum MONTHLY cost for any amount of gold was over $5, based on current gold prices.

Remember, unlike BullionVault, GoldMoney chips away at your precious metal holdings to pay for storage fees, they do NOT withdraw cash from your account.