1 Big Reason You Should Buy And Store Gold!

Every day more people are moved to Buy Gold to protect their wealth as they watch irresponsible government spending and intentional devaluation of their national currency by politicians of questionable intent.

Since no national currency in the world today is 100% backed by anything of tangible value, Gold and Silver are once again taking their place as currencies that truly are worthy of being a medium of exchange.

Regardless of whether any Federal Reserve chairman believes (or admits) that Gold and Silver are money, 6000 years of world history know better.

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What Is Different About BuyAndStoreGold.com

Lots of websites either review, advertise for, or write a blurb about the gold storage companies that we write about here. What's different about us, why should you listen to what we say?


We aren't recommending you put your money with a company that we haven't already done so ourselves. That's what makes us different than all those other websites.

That's why we can talk about statements and tax reports and they don't. They haven't experienced the reality of having an offshore gold account with the company in question; we have.

Now certainly some of these people have opened an account with GoldMoney, BullionVault or whoever, but the vast majority? We are willing to bet not.

So please continue reading with the knowledge in mind that our conversation with you is based on our actual, personal experience with our own money.

Alternatives To Fiat Currency To Protect Wealth

The truth is that most of us alive today have been trained to think of only fiat paper currency as actual money, when in fact, quite the opposite is true; they are I.O.U's that are only as good as the entity making the promise to pay in something of usable value.

As a result, it has been a slow but accelerating trend for people of almost all economic status to want to trade in their paper fiat currency, the daily depreciation of which is evident every time one shops, for true monetary value by buying gold, silver and sometimes other precious metals.

Once these individuals buy gold and silver, their next thought is where can they safely store gold and silver?

These are exactly the questions we answer here at BuyAndStoreGold.com!

What Kind Of People Are Looking To Buy And Store Gold?

In years past it was just the wealthy who were buying gold and storing it in overseas safe deposit boxes and private vaults. But times change.

While it was just a few years ago that people's would glaze over when we spoke of buying gold and silver, today anyone with US$40 or $50 can buy an ounce of silver or a gram of gold.

Increasingly we are finding people buying gold and silver for themselves, children and grandchildren in the hopes of storing up financial wealth that will not be eroded by pandering politicians. Some in large quantities, others in more modest amounts, as their finances allow.

Those who bought the most, the earliest, obviously are those most happy with their decision to become gold and silver buyers.

Is It Just Americans Who Are Buying Gold?

Governments around the world are destroying their economies and the savings of their citizens with reckless fiscal policy.

Interestingly enough, though, even the government of China, with a Communist leadership and a large trade surplus is encouraging its citizens to save money in the form of gold and silver; and making it easier every day for them to do so.

Contrast that to Americans who are told by their leaders, and too many investment advisors, that gold is simply a relic of past generations, of no consequence to their financial future. Sadly, those who have believed those lies and ignorant advice, have missed tremendous opportunity to profit from a great bull market in precious metals AND protect their wealth from the gradual default of the worlds reserve currency.

But Americans are coming around to the sound advice that buying gold and storing it safely and securely - possibly overseas - is not only easy to do but an incredibly wise move as well.

And Europeans as well, now faced with imminent defaults of several EU member states, are seeing more and more value in the idea of buying gold and storing that gold in a jurisdiction other than the one they live in.

Australians and Canadians, while having enjoyed a rising national currency the last few years (in relation to other fiat currencies), ALL fiat currencies - including the super strong and partially gold backed Swiss Franc - have LOST value relative to gold over the last decade.

Where to Store Gold?

It actually makes sense to consider where you will store gold before you buy gold; since where you will be storing the gold can have a big impact on where it makes the most sense to buy gold.

If you are considering storing Gold at home you would be wise to read this post first! WARNING: It contains 2 disturbing true stories.

Naturally, having a safe, secure and reasonably accessible location to store gold and silver is every bit as important as buying it in the first place!

That is why you will find reviews on this site of gold storage companies that we feel are trustworthy, reputable enterprises to do business with. Naturally, you should always perform your own due diligence!

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